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Citizenship concerns the process of inclusion of persons with birth and identity in different countries in certain processes in order to acquire goods from other countries. While the conditions demanded by each country differ, the common conditions consist of the acquisition of goods and the process of acceptance by that country. CitizenshipIt is a right that arises as a result of immigration. Along with immigration, some opportunities of that country, acquisition of goods and citizenship earned by the acquisition of the right.


To Whom Is Citizenship Granted?


Citizenship is given to people who meet certain conditions and are willing to make material and moral investments. While it is formed by the sale of real estate materially, it is defined to people who offer their thoughts and knowledge spiritually. citizenship servicesis the sum of the collection of certain documents and transactions that require knowledge.


What is Citizenship Services?


citizenship servicesIt is the process of conducting the person quickly and safely by authorized persons and institutions. In this process, it plays an important role in accepting and controlling documents and fulfilling legal responsibilities.


What are the Documents Required for Citizenship?


have enough income to stay in that country


It does not have a direction that will pose a threat to the national elements and security of that country.


Have good morals and etiquette


Absence of serious health problems that will affect the society


One's ability to discriminate


be over 18 years old


Real estate sales transactions by making a certain investment


Having lived in that country for 5 years before applying


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